During an annual Christmas office party, Office workers Stan, Peggy & Richard; three unlikely heroes, find themselves fighting for their lives when their building becomes overrun by a horde of sharped toothed Creatures hungry for human flesh . . . But these Creatures just picked the wrong party to crash.


​Armed with only office supplies, the trio must work together if they’re going to survive. Who said those team-building weekends wouldn’t come in handy?


Paying homage to 1980s creature features, SHREDDERS is a blend of action, horror and hilarious comedy dripping in neon and synth.


Starring Sophie Mensah, Darren Ruston, Michael James Dean & Siobhan Bermingham


Director: Darren A. Furniss

Director of Photgraphy: Ricky J Payne

1st AD: Edward Burgos

Script Supervisor: Helena Jung

Gaffer: Jamie Montgomery

Hair & Makup Artist: Rachel McDonald

Sound Recordist: Lee Viesnik

Runners: Ollie Holland & Hazel Magsino

Editing: Jon Dean

Sound Dubbing & Mixing: Dom Lee

Colourist: Mark Mulcaster

Composer: Hollie Buhagiar

Producer: Michael James Dean

Co-Producers: Jason Cherot & Edward Burgos

Written by Michael James Dean


Script Nominations:

Quarter Finalist ScreenCraft Short Screenplay Competition 2018 

Finalist FilmQuest Festival 2018

Finalist Oaxaca Film Festival 2018

Semi-Finalist Genre Blast Festival 2018

Semi-Finalist LA Shriekfest 2018

Run Time: 16 minutes

​Genre: Comedy Horror