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Launch Party

After an amazing launch party and screening this past Friday 8th November we are happy to announce we have launched our fundraising campaign to raise core funds for Posh Dinosaur.

We want to create a self sustaining film company that generates its own funds to produce films and create more opportunities for talent artists all over the world no matter what your background of circumstances.

We believe that even in a time when art funds are low it shouldn’t stop you from pursuing your dreams and doing the thing you love.

We understand that crowdfunding is everywhere these days and we want to assure each and everyone of you that we will not be asking for more money for another project in 2 months time and then 2 months later again.

You can donate from as little as £1.00 all the way to a full £10,000.

You will receive some great rewards as a thank you for your generosity including Posh Dinosaur Productions T-Shirts and Prints designed by Graphic Artist James Iaciofano.

Acting sessions, walk on roles and executive producer credits and even an exclusive download of our pilot episode of I’m with Cupid giving you a chance to see the next biggest comedy series before anyone else.

As an extra incentive everyone who donates no matter how much will be entered into a prize draw for a collection of prizes including web design by RJ Portal and a makeup session from EIW Makeup. The prized draw will continue to grow so you really don’t know what your £1.00 donation will get you.

We want to be a company that creates interesting, entertaining and unique entertainment for you to enjoy and films you’re proud to watch

We want to create a buzz, a revolution of UK Independent filmmakers are rising. And audience who are sick of reality tv and detective shows. And audience that is smarter than producers give them credit for.

If you are sick of the only way is chelsea strictly come x factor get me out of here shore then please take a look at what we are doing and spread the word.

Please take the time to look at the website enjoy the campaign video and support independent film in the UK

With you help we can create new work, bigger and better films for you all to enjoy.

If you can’t donate don’t worry just by sharing, liking, telling others about Posh Dinosaur and our films you can be a part of helping a small company become a big company that you helped build.

For anymore information or to get involved contact info@poshdinosaur.com

Thank you

Michael James Dean


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