'Cupid' is an inspiring original UK Comedy WEB SERIES exploring the hilarious yet complicated and rewarding nature of relationships.

The series follows Ben; a young man looking for love on a dating website after a series of disappointing relationships. Things take an unexpected turn when help flutters into his life in the form of Cupid who offers to help Ben find that special someone.


No longer innocent and cherubic, this Cupid is hostile and disheartened, but he recognises something in Ben that he hesitantly welcomes and they embark on a weird and whimsical journey.

Starring: Michael James Dean, Darren Ruston, Shelley Davenport, Lauren Wigmore

Co-Starring: Eloise Dale, Katy Notley, Simon Bellars, Adam Diggle, Emily Rose Smith, Alice Etches, Isambard Rawbone and Sam Clarke


Written and Directed by Michael James Dean

Director of Photography - Ricky J Payne

Sound Recordist,Sound Designer and Dubbing Mixer - Filipe Pereira

Visual Effects - Invisible Darkness

"It's Not Cute, It's Just Creepy" by Lily Rae

Produced by Abdul Choudhury & Michael James Dean


Genre - Romantic Comedy